Course Links

Here’s a list of links to the resources we will use in this course. It is expected you will know how to access each of these resources.

Tool Purpose Link Notes
Blackboard Announcements, Grades, Project Deliverables Sign in with your NetId
JupyterHub Python Programming, Code Samples, Slides, Labs, HW. Sign in with your NetId
Microsoft Teams Ask questions. Chat with classmates & Instructors. Virtual office hours. Sign in with your SU Microsoft Account
Polly In-Class polling for large group sessions. Sign in with SU Microsoft Account
Severance Textbook The popular “Python for Everyone” book. Available in a variety of Formats.
Zoom Videoconferencing tool we use large and small group sessions. Access through Blackboard
Zybooks Textbook Our hands-on interactive textbook. Purchase online or via the SU bookstore. Your Zybooks account